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We bring ideas to market on the most popular mobile platforms, including iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Our intimate knowledge of mobile app development and the mobile market place will help you develop your integrated mobile strategy.

How We Can Help

  • CRM – Mobile is an excellent way to interact with your customers. We are able to deliver solutions that can organise, automate and synchronize the processes, for example Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Technical Support etc.
  • Sales Tools – Use mobile to: Engage your customers with interactive content, Update your sales material faster, Remove sales material printing costs, Distribute new material to your sales team over-the-air.
  • Visibility – Increased exposure of your brand helps drive sales. Leverage mobile to branch out to new, untapped audiences and generate more awareness of your product or service. Your customers will expect to see your brand on the app stores sooner rather than later, will it be yours or your competitor’s they find?
  • Efficiency – Improve the operational efficiency of your workforce by using mobile to save time, money and generate better results faster. Co-ordinate task management from multiple locations in a single digital space, and allow your regional and national managers to synchronise their efforts with your head office.
  • Quoting – Digital quoting allows: Flexibility. Amend quotes with a tap of your finger, Configuration of service packages with drag and drop functionality, Product comparison. Draw from your database and find the best deal for your customers.
  • Point of Sales – Use mobile to simplify transactions for your customers. We are able to integrate the following point of sale solutions: Ticketing,Vouchers,Promotions,Mobile,Payment.
  • Distribution – Mobile delivers great connectivity across organisations, allowing you to seamlessley push content to: Colleagues, both in-house and remotely based, Sales representatives out in the field, Your customers across the world.
  • Data Collection – Mobile data collection is ideal for surveys and quotations. It allows you to: Edit and delete mistakes, without having to re-use paper, Remove printing costs of forms, Easily export information to your database.

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